Best crib-sheets-for-baby-with-eczema

A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by in a home with a baby. A good crib sheet won’t just give your baby something special. Best crib sheets for baby with eczema serve two purposes: it protects your crib mattress, as well as give your baby a clean and cozy sleeping surface.

It’s a good idea to have plenty of crib sheets available at all times. Make sure you pick a product that does its job well when choosing crib sheets. We’ve put together this crib sheet buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Buying Guide for Selecting the Best Crib Sheets for Baby with Eczema

Cotton, natural fibers, polyester, and flannel are some of the materials used for crib sheets. A crib sheet should be carefully selected for a baby with eczema. We will provide you with a guide to help you choose the best option.

Children rarely use pillows. While the child is sleeping, you can replace the cover with essential fabrics. If you want to acknowledge the preparation, you must read and verify the crib sheet tags. If you want to acknowledge the preparation, you must read and verify the crib sheet tags. The best crib sheets for Eczema function in two ways: to protect your crib mattress and give your baby a hygienic, relaxing, comfortable sleeping experience.

The majority of baby bedding includes pillowcases. Babies are notorious for making unexpected messes. We recommend having a good number of crib sheets in general.

Tips for Choosing the Right Crib Sheets for Your Baby

The babies need sound sleep to grow and develop healthily. A stable & rejuvenating environment and comfortable bedding aptly address this need. Your bundle of joy deserves the best and the market helps you provide that to him or her.

Apart from cute and eye-catching designs and patterns, you get a wide variety of fabrics as well. Infants are vulnerable to Sudden Infants Death Syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, a safety-compliant crib, a well-fitting mattress, a crib sheet, and a blanket, are the only bedding units the National Institutes of Child Health (NICHD) recommends.

Here are a few helpful shopping tips to help you zero upon perfect crib bedding for your baby. Some features you should look out for are:

Preferred Fibers

The experts consider organically grown cotton and bamboo as the most subtle and the safest fibers for babies. Avoid synthetic material, as it is harsh for sensitive baby skin. It can even lead to rashes and infections.


The Little ones tend to make little messes in their cribs. Therefore, make sure the crib bedding you buy is easily washable. It is best if the bedding is machine washable. Hand washing them may not clean them well and may be tiring. Cotton is easy to wash and dry. It lasts long as well.


Since you will need to frequently wash the bedding, it is wise to get at least 2 durable sets. Make sure you prefer quality to cost.


A baby’s skin is very sensitive and even slight roughness can damage it. Accordingly, make sure the bedding material is soft and gentle. In addition, the kids find light and soft materials comforting. Accordingly, organic cotton is the most preferred fabric for little ones.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the organic material is good for the baby’s skin as well. It causes no rashes, allergies, or infections.


When choosing the crib bedding, make sure the fabric is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and dyes. The babies are very sensitive to any such exposure. Again, organically grown fibers and safely processed fabrics are the best options here.

Snug Fitting Crib Mattress

Buy a firm crib mattress with a waterproof covering (PVC, flannel, rubber, or plastic) for durability and protection from germs. Although most crib mattresses come in a standard size, still you must double-check that the one you choose fits snugly in the crib. There should not be any space between the crib edges and the mattress. Else, the child may suffocate himself or herself by pressing against the gap. You should be able to tuck the crib sheet easily below the mattress.

Well-Fit Crib Sheet

Crib Sheets help provide a smooth surface for the baby’s skin. Make sure the sheets are big enough. Their sides should tuck well under the mattress so that they do not come off loose.


Made of wool, polyester fleece, or cotton, baby blankets help provide the right temperature to your little one. The polyester fleece is good for the outdoors.

1. Natemia fitted crib sheet



Crib sheets made from quality organic Turkish cotton last longer and are dye-free. This fitted crib sheet comes only in white and grey. The chemical smell may fade over time. The crib sheet is made from a quality organic cotton fabric, which is dye-free and can last for a long time.


  • Fits all standard crib mattresses
  • The fabric is breathable
  • Due to its heat-producing properties, it is ideal for cold climates.
  • GOTS certified the product.
  • High quality and durable sheet
  • These sheets are hypoallergenic and organic, also


  • Only one-sheet


 2. Magnolia organics fitted interlock Crib sheet

Magnolia-organics-fitted-interlock -crib-sheet
Magnolia-organics-fitted-interlock -crib-sheet


The magnolia is a stretchable knitted design with interlocked knitting and a 300 thread count. It comes in several attractive designs. Crib sheets made of eco-friendly materials are soft and mild on sensitive skin, especially for eczema-prone babies. It’s one of the best organic cotton fitted sheets on the market.


  • Eco-friendly processes
  • The bag is made of organic cotton and is reusable
  • Organic Cotton 100%
  • GOTS is responsible for certification.
  • The perfect fit for a standard crib
  • The crib sheet can be cleaned in the washing machine


  • Bleach’s smell has been a complaint from customers


3. American Baby Company Standard Crib Sheet

Best crib-sheets-for-baby-with-eczema
Best crib-sheets-for-baby-with-eczema

There are no chemicals or dyes in this crib, so it is soft and long-lasting. This product is ideal for babies suffering from eczema. We have a wide selection of colors and patterns for this jersey knit crib sheet.


  • This product is GOTS-certified
  • It is a very hygienic product
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Cribs and mattresses fit the crib.


  • Customers have complained that the crib sheet wears out over time and has a slight chemical smell.


4. Burt’s bees crib sheets

Burt's-bees-crib- sheets
Burt’s-bees-crib- sheets


GOTS certified Burt’s Bee fitted sheets are made with breathable cotton and the purest layer for a baby’s sensitive skin. A fabric overlap is present on the bottom edge, along with the elastic. It will help prevent the baby sheets from creeping up over the mattress.


An excellent crib sheet for eczema is the Burt’s Bees sheet. Your baby will enjoy its comfort. Your baby’s room looks so beautiful with it. It is a soft, cozy set made of 100% organic cotton.


  • Soft, cozy, and high-quality fabric
  • Product at a reasonable price
  • High-quality product
  • The color is soft


  • It is a bit more expensive than other brands


5. Cuddly Cubs Crib Sheets



Cuddly cubs and crib sheets are durable sheets. They hold well for multiple washes and can be stretched to fit the mattress at a later date. Weaved jerseys are the best crib sheets because they permit air to flow through the fabric, keeping your baby comfortable.

There are two types of shelter: elephant and white/gray/mint herringbone. This product is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing box that can be given as a gift, even for a baby shower.


  • A crib with exquisite patterns
  • The blending of colors is good
  • Fits smoothly and sufficiently
  • Relatively low price


The sheets shrink after washing and do not fit well for some customers.


6. Organic Interlock Fitted Crib Sheet Magnolia


Organic-interlock-fitted -crib-sheet-magnolia
Organic-interlock-fitted -crib-sheet-magnolia

Consumers report that the product is extremely soft and works well for their eczema babies. Interlocking weaving is used to produce these stretchable crib sheets. It gives them a thicker, more durable feel. They come in a variety of eye-catching solid colors. There was no noticeable smell.


  • Here are the best organic cotton crib sheets for sale
  • Perfect for eczema sufferers, especially because it is soft and well-fitting.
  • A variety of designs are available.


  • The smell of bleach disappears after washing.


7. Amazon Basics Crib Sheet




Crib sheets from Amazon basics are very soft and durable. They hold up well to multiple items of washing. Anyone who purchased them was pleased with the quality. There are many colors and patterns to choose from in these sheets made from jersey knit fabric. Color and design options are popular.


  • The material is amazing, and the color is decent
  • A reasonable price and it fits standard size cribs
  • Cleaning is simple


  • Some cribs are a bit bigger


8. Aden + Anais Essentials Classic Crib Sheet


Printed on 100% cotton muslin, these crib sheets are perfect for babies. Keeping the baby cool in summer and warm in winter, this crib sheet’s open weave allows air to flow throughout. These sheets are soft and breathable. Cotton muslin swaddles are also made by this brand, known for their high quality and adorable patterns.


  • Made from 100% cotton muslin
  • Cute patterns
  • Premium quality product
  • More comfortable and secure


  • Mini cribs can not be used


9. Brooklinen Crib Sheet Set



A 300-count cotton is used to make these Brooklinen sheets. These are made from sateen, which is gentle enough to wear sensitive skin. This set is perfect for design-minded parents, featuring two sheets that you can mix and match. Choose two sheets that match.


  • Three hundred-count cotton
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • The sheets must be snugly fitting!
  • There are a variety of patterns


  • Comparatively high price


10. Lovevery Organic Crib Sheets

This product is made from organic cotton. The sheets will provide a comfortable night’s sleep for your baby. One of the features of this sheet is the hand-painted prints, which provide them with visual stimulation.


  • Print created by hand
  • Certification by OEKO-TEX®
  • Fits standard crib mattresses
  • Border with elastic


  • Cost is high


Which Is The Best Crib Sheets for with Eczema Mattress For Your Baby?

Foam or Innerspring

You will need to decide between the foam and innerspring mattress. The foam products are usually lighter, weighing approximately 7 to 8 pounds but those made from memory foam are heavier.

This is also a good choice for you if you are on a budget because they are usually cheaper. The important things you need to keep in mind are to avoid very heavy mattresses because you will need to lift them regularly when changing the crib sheets.

You are also required to test the foam mattress’s resiliency. You can do this by pressing the middle of the mattress with your hands and removing them. Check on the speed at which the mattress recovers its shape and settle for the ones that react faster. This is important because the babies will stick to one sleeping position if the mattress does not regain its shape.

The innerspring mattress is expensive because they are more durable as compared to foam. The firmness of such mattresses will be determined by the number of coils they have. However, you need to determine other factors such as the wire gauge and the number of turns for each coil. The mattresses with lower gauges will have thicker wires, meaning that they are not only stronger but also firmer, unlike the higher gauge. You are advised to purchase the products with a gauge of not more than 15.5 and with between 135 and 150 coils.

Go Organic

You can also decide to go organic as you search for the best crib mattress. These are the products made of organic or natural resources, and they are available in both innerspring and foam. While they can be expensive, some of the crib mattress reviews state that you will enjoy peace of mind.

Some of the manufacturers claim that ordinary mattresses come with chemicals that may harm the baby. When looking for these products, ensure that they are not only certified but also meet the safety standards to ensure you that they do not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances to manufacture them.

What to look for?

Whichever mattresses you select, ensure that it is the right size and it fits snugly in the crib. Do not forget to check on the firmness, the sturdiness of the mattress cover as well as the venting holes for airflow.

Which sheet is best for eczema?

Here’s a checklist for choosing the best sheets for a baby with eczema or sensitive skin:

  • Made from Organic Cotton, Bamboo, or Tencel ™ Modal2,
  • Feels soft and delicate, does not rub the baby’s skin
  • The fabric is breathable, allows air to circulate, and removes moisture,
  • Slightly stretched, with elastic bands along the entire edge,
  • Fits the mattress smoothly and creates a smooth surface without wrinkles or loose fabric,
  • The baby does not slip when it moves,
  • Can be machine washed for easy cleaning,
  • High quality and durable well-kept wash often.

What number of key threads should I look for in a crib sheet?

Thread calculation means how many vertical and horizontal threads there are per square inch5.

The greater the number of threads, the softer the ribs will be. Starting with the 200 thread count, the sheet should feel comfortable enough, but you can choose 400 even for a softer feel.

What is the standard size of baby crib sheets?

The dimensions of the standard-sized crib sheets are 28 ″ x 52. The pockets are usually 8 or 9 inches deep and fit a mattress 5 ″ – 6 ″ thick.

Keep in mind that the sheets are smaller for mini cribs, while the packs and plates have thin mattresses. Always choose the best sheets designed for your baby mattress to ensure a secure fit.

How many tight crib sheets should fit?

With the help of elastic bands along the entire bottom edge, the crib sheet should fit snugly around the mattress. It should be smooth on the sleeping surface, without any wrinkles or excess of cloth. Avoid sheets that crawl because any loose clothing increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Cribsheet safe?

According to AAP6, to keep your baby safe while sleeping, you should choose the right mattress size and the right size sheet so that it fits snugly without any extra, loose fabric.

Avoid other crib bedding, bumpers, fluffy blankets, stuffed animals, etc. as they increase the risk of SIDS or sleep-related infant death.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About  Best Crib Sheets for Baby With Eczema

Question: What bedding is best for eczema?

Answer: If your baby suffers from eczema, you should use a pure organic cotton sheet because it has no harsh chemicals.

Question: What is the best fabric for crib sheets?

Answer: Cotton sheets are the most breathable and moisture-absorbent fabric available.

Question: Are polyester crib sheets safe?

Answer: You don’t have to choose polyester for the crib sheet of your little one.

Final Words

As you shop for the best crib sheets for eczema, be sure to consider all the basics you would expect. A Baby’s needs aren’t as complex as those of an adult. It is important to believe in both comfort and usefulness for babies. Discover another product for babies and pick the best.

I hope you have enough information to make a well-educated decision about what crib sheet to buy for your little one. Finding the best crib sheet is very irresistible, but more so for a child with eczema. In general, cotton sheets are recommended because of their breathability and properties to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. It is less irritating for sensitive skin than other ingredients. I hope this article will help you determine what are the best crib sheets for babies with eczema. Read more about our other baby product Reviews.

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