Tranquilo Soothing Mat vs Munchkin Lulla Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad

When putting your baby to sleep, it is never as easy as simply holding him or her in your arms and walking away. They may need an extra cradle, cradle, or music before they are comfortable enough to fall asleep. And yet, they can still wake up shortly after you put them to bed.

Fortunately, Tranquilo Soothing Mat vs Munchkin Lulla Vibe vibrating mattress pad help keeps your toddler comfortable when you go to bed or in the evening.

But what is the best cool for your baby’s crab? If you look at the Tranquilo Soothing Mat vs Munchkin Lulla Vibe vibrating mattress pad, you will see two possible options for any parent who needs a way to get their baby to sleep peacefully. But like any baby product, there are some differences to consider before choosing one.

The Munchkin Lulla-Vibe, for example, is much smaller, which means you can easily carry it inside a cage, under a mattress, or even in your baby’s stroller, away from home. Then again, the Tranquilo Soothing Matte has many different settings that really give your baby a unique level of comfort that he likes.

It’s a lot more expensive than Munchkin, remember, but for some parents, the cost can be very good.

They are both potential options to help keep your baby comfortable and calm while he sleeps. This can be the difference between a baby who sleeps through the night and a baby who wakes up the moment you cradle him or her after you rock him or her. But before you make your decision consider all the good and not so great of each pad.

Tranquilo Soothing Mat



The Tranquilo Soothing Matte could be a more “high edge” option here and for good reason. It has a rectangular shape that fits perfectly over any mattress, play mat, or basinet to give your baby uninterrupted comfort while sleeping.

Through the white sound and vibration, the mat mimics the sound and feeling of being in the womb. This leads to the most comfortable sleeping environment that a baby can hope for as they move to sleep at night. It is battery-powered and has a water-resistant interior and washable exterior coating.

There are multiple levels of vibration and heartbeat that may be most appropriate for your baby and even a 60-minute automatic shut-off so that it does not drain the battery too quickly.

Although it can be as long as your baby or close to it, it is light enough to roll up and keep in your diaper bag on the go. And without any complicated cord or control, it’s easy to unroll it and place it in your stroller if needed.

Also, it comes in two different shapes to be able to calm and comfort your baby from birth to 12 months.


Tranquilo Soothing Mat  Features


The smaller mat is 11 x 9 inches and the larger one is 11 x 23 inches.


It has two heartbeat levels and vibration settings Extra Low, Low, Medium, and High.

Where to buy:

You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.

Has this item been revoked?

There are no recent or current revocations on this mat.


  • It is fully portable and easy to use in one pinch.
  • Depending on the needs of your baby on any given day, there are a number of settings to choose from and back to back.
  • Since there are two different sizes, you can use the pad for a long time.
  • There is a timer set to turn off the mat so you don’t shake it all night.
  • If your baby has an accident you can remove the outer shell to wash it.


  • Made from water-resistant material, the mat itself is a bit noisy when it is moved.
  • It is more expensive than Munchkin Lulla-Vibe and can be a little more expensive for some families in general.
  • The larger size is longer than the smaller ones, but it still won’t fit most babies’ whole bodies.
  • It goes through the battery rather quickly, especially if you don’t use the auto-off feature.

Tranquilo Soothing Mat Review

“Tranquilo Mat saved us! My son is about four months old and has been refusing to sleep in his basin for about two months until we discover a quiet mat, now he sleeps eight hours every night in his bed, even during his sleep! Many thanks to the makers of Tranquilo Mat, your product is absolutely amazing! ” – Brittany Seabert on Amazon.

“I bought the big one before my daughter was born. She likes it! She’s been around for about five months now and we use it often. I use it when we go to my grandparents’ house because it doesn’t cut when we go around his cradle. I fly to Florida every two months to visit family. It’s perfect for the airport, getting in the car, and what my mom sleeps in her basement. “- Chynna M. on Amazon

“My newborn son refuses to sleep in the bassinet or cage, (and the business has a built-in vibration mode). When I use Tranquilo mats he settles instantly and I can put him to sleep almost anywhere. This makes the transfer of sleep much easier! And I like that it’s portable so I can pack it up and bring it everywhere. I hope they make it for adults. “- Jessica Harris on Amazon.

“Tranquilo Soothing Mat is amazing! I first used it when my baby was vaccinated. She was crying a lot and was very cranky and once I put her on the mat she started laughing. Makes it even more enjoyable. I recommend the Tranquilo Soothing Mat. ” – Barbara Palhano on Amazon.


Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad


At first glance, the Munchkin Lulla-Vibrating Mattress Pad may not look the same as the Tranquilo Soothing Matte, if only because of its small size, you must not judge it by its appearance alone. The pads can be placed next to your baby’s cage, under their mattress or even next to their stroller to give them a soothing comfort at any time.

And unlike Tranquilo, you can easily remove the pad or keep it out of the way when your baby sleeps to charge the battery and let him sleep on his own once he’s quiet enough to sleep. It has an automatic 30-minute timer, but it shuts off slowly, so it won’t change suddenly for your sleeping baby.

It has a soft and easy-to-clean cover. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a ton of little settings to choose from, but it does have a simple on and off button, which is sometimes easier and more convenient than the options.

The goal is to create soothing vibrations that help your baby fall asleep without any words or songs that children may rely on. And since it is very compact, it is easy to carry the mattress pad with you wherever you go with your little one.


Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Features


Dimensions are 11 x 2.4 x 9.4 inches.


There are two vibration speeds to choose from

Has this item been revoked?

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad has no recent or current revocation.


  • The pad is easy to carry overnight or in any stroller, bassinet, or stroller.
  • Compared to Tranquillo, Lulla-Vibe is more affordable.
  • It has enough padding that does not make a mattress uncomfortable if you slide it down a few hours at a time.
  • The pad closes slowly, not suddenly, so it can prevent your baby from waking up.
  • You can easily toss it in your diaper bag on the go.


  • The batteries may not last long with it.
  • It’s not a mat, so your baby can’t lie comfortably on it.
  • There aren’t many settings, so there’s a chance that both vibration settings won’t be enough to comfort your baby.
  • Sometimes it can feel a little hot after it has been on for a while.

Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Review

“It’s really one of the most used baby items. We keep it in the car seat but use it while traveling to rest the baby. People always ask what it is and I gladly show it to them and recommend it. It’s daily use in our home. ” – J on Amazon. Behenke.

“I love this product! My baby has outgrown his rocker for three months. Now he sleeps in a mini pack next to my bed. I use it in the corner of the bassinet and he goes to sleep right away. When he is down I put him in the corner of the big pack and play. I like that it’s portable, lightweight, and easy to use. After a while, it will shut itself off, which is really helpful or I have to change the battery all the time. In fact, after a month of continuous use I changed the battery for the first time I thought it was pretty good. ” –Melissa White on Amazon.

“I first discovered this product when my photographer used it on my son during a photoshoot for his newborn. It lets him sleep all the time! So I bought it and have been using it ever since and it’s great for helping her sleep alone in her lap and when her stomach is upset. Easy to use and automatically shuts down after a while. “- Eli O’Bara on Amazon.

“It simply came to our notice then. My twins have been tough since coming home from NICU, and it has been so easy to transform rock ‘n play into a crib’ with it under the crib mattress! I like that it has a timer so that it shuts off automatically, which is worry-free! I’ve been using it for six months now and no problem! ” – Ashley Lewis on Amazon.

The Verdict: Lulla-Vibe or Tranquilo?

For some families, this can be really costly. It comes in two shapes, it has multiple functions, including a heartbeat, which gives your baby peace of mind to sleep and the outer shell is machine washed.

The Munchkin Lulla-Vibe is certainly convenient in its own way, especially when it comes to ease of use and price. But when you compare the two options for calming your restless baby, the Tranquilo Soothing Matte will probably do the job more efficiently.


Is Vibration Bad For My Baby?

As a parent, it is perfectly normal to feel safe with your young child and even question certain products. Many parents have questioned vibrations and want to know how they affect their children, so the truth is, vibrations are not bad for your little one, but any product you purchase should always be tested so that it does not represent a risk of suffocation.

Can my baby sleep on a vibrating pad all night?

There is no harm in letting your baby sleep on the pad all night, but there is no need to do that because once your baby is fast asleep you can stop the vibration and let him rest on the pad. Without turning it off, when your toddler is moving during his sleep, you can leave the pad vibrated for an hour and wait for it to shut down automatically.

The latest thought

Anyone who has ever had a restless baby who won’t let you down without screaming can appreciate the convenience of any one of these soothing pads. When it comes down to it, Tranquillo is a powerful alternative, but really, you can’t go wrong with the decision to have a period. Read more

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