Veer vs Pronto Wagon

Comparing our veer vs pronto wagon is going to explore which wagon is better. We will begin the review with a brief outline of the main differences between the wagons before switching to individual wagons. Under individual wagons, we will review how each wagon performs on different fronts, including ease of movement, customization, versatility, and durability.

We will then sign off with a final verdict that combines all the features, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s start with the main differences;

The Main Differences Between the Veer  Vs Pronto Wagon are:

  • Pronto wagons are available in black or white frames, whereas hero wagons are only available in black frames.
  • The Pronto Wagons have a 5-point safety harness, while the Veer Wagons have a 3-point safety harness.
  • The Pronto wagons are designed in the United States and made in China, whereas the hero wagons are designed in Germany and made in Korea.
  • it comes with a tent, whereas hero wagons do not come with a tent (sold separately)
  • Pronto wagons are not compatible with children’s car seats, whereas hero wagons are compatible with children’s car seats.

Pronto wagon – in depth


The Pronto Wagon comes in a black or white frame. However, you can choose to match any one of the frames with different fabric options including stone gray, ginger pink, ginger yellow, and city black.

The wagon was designed in the United States and made in Korea before being imported into the United States. It is best suited for babies and toddlers ages 3 and 8. For this reason, it is designed to be tough enough to be able to withstand a weight of 100 kg. Like most wagons, it has all-terrain tires and a seating capacity of 2 passengers. Here’s a quick rundown of its features;

Easy Maneuverability

The wagon has all-terrain tires that are wide, navy, sick, and with double ball bearings. These make the wagon ride easier. The rear wheels have a one-touch brake connection that can instantly stop the wagon.

The brakes are also two-way and can stop the wagon with a single touch. The wagon is driven by a handlebar that can be adjusted to different guard heights. In addition, in front of the front wheels, there is a rotating tire fixing system.

Care and Maintenance

The wagon has a removable fabric that is both water and stain-resistant. Although the hose cannot be washed, it cleans easily and does not easily pick up stains. All-terrain wheels are non-inflatable and require basic scrubbing and washing.

Pronto Stroller

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The wide tire and low-centered frame structure stabilize the wagon, thus reducing the likelihood of rolling. The fabric of the upper frame reduces the exposure of the finished frame, significantly reducing the chances of an accident. The seats have a 5-point safety harness with extra padding on all the straps. The belts allow for 4 adjustments so that they are able to accommodate different small baby sizes.

The canopy has a reflective nighttime beltline that makes walking safe at night. It also has water and bug-resistant properties.

On the other hand, the handlebars have an auto-lock button so that the handlebars are fixed everywhere. The wagon has a slightly regressed interior that is deep enough to reduce the chances of kids getting out or even falling off the inside.

The wagon has numerous certifications and accreditations that certify it as safe and secure for use by infants and young children.


The two 5-point safety harnesses have straps with crochet and thick padding on the shoulders. Dense padding reduces hellish chaffing when it suddenly stops or passes through uneven terrain.


The handlebars have leather covers to increase grip and improve performance. The handlebar frame has a height slide button that easily adjusts the height of the handlebars to the parent’s liking. The interior is spacious enough for two kids to be comfortable. The interior of the wagon has high-quality, smooth and soft fabrics to further enhance the comfort of the children.

The canopy doubles as a sunshade, water, and bug cover. There are large windows at the back through which parents can keep an eye on their children.

The interior, though deep, allows a limited 360-degree view of the wagon movement as well as their surroundings. The handlebars have an attachment for adult cup holders for drinks or even water bottles.

The wagon has an all-wheel suspension with a one-step brake system and low friction double bearings. The suspension gets wet and leaves all the impact when the wagon goes through different terrain.


The Pronto wagon has a low-level gravity center, which makes it more stable than most wagons. Stability is courtesy of a lower center structure frame, with seats fixed on both ends of the wagon and wide rear tires that slightly tilt the wagon frame.


The wagon frame is black or white, but you can customize it with matching fabric or non-matching. Melanage options come in contrasting color packs of Stone Gray, City Black, Ginger Pink, and Ginger Yellow. Melanie fabrics are more stain-resistant and have medium padding.

The non-melange fabric is available in 13 varieties, it is soft, less stain-resistant, and has a smooth texture against the skin. Wagons can be accessorized with winter cover or rain cover. The wagon also folds into a portable folder that fits comfortably with SUVs and medium-sized/light vehicles.


An auto-lock button stuck in the handlebars causes the wagon to bend and the wagon breaks into a lightweight and portable fold. The wagon has many more accessories including a tripping mosquito net, sleeping cover, baby tray, leather handle cover, and a cup holder.


The wagon comes with a spacious storage basket. The basket is attached to the fabric finish of the upper frame which makes it easily accessible by the guardians. The wagon comes with an organizer basket – to increase storage capacity – which attaches to the handlebars with velcro straps and bark inside the wagon.

Organizer baskets and spacious storage baskets have additional partitions and compartments and can be expanded individually.


The fabric is made from premium material that is able to withstand numerous laundry trips. The steel frame is strong enough to carry a maximum of 100 kg despite being tilted on a slope up to 15 degrees.

In addition, the frame has an impact-resistant design that has been made possible by translucent formless aluminum. Steel has a fairly durable lifetime.

The main feature

  • One-touch folding/unfolding system
  • Front-rolling tire fixating system
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Height-adjustable push/pull handlebars
  • All-terrain PU material tires.
  • All-wheel suspension with double bearings.
  • Two 5-point safety harness with 4 position adjustments.
  • Low-centered solid frame to increase stability.
  • Integrated fold structure
  • 6 basic accessories
  • Automatic folding lock property.
  • Large shopping basket
  • Reflective night belt.
  • High-grade melange fabric with waterproof coating.


  • It has a telescopic handle that reverses the push / pull handle.
  • This allows for extensive customization.
  • They are aesthetically appealing.
  • It contains numerous relevant certifications and accreditations.
  • the stroller is durable and comfortable.
  • It has ample storage space.
  • Versatile in terrain, climate, and usage.
  • They fold easily and reveal all the accessories attached.
  • The strategy is simple.


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other wagons.
  • It is not compatible with children’s car seats.
  • Seats cannot be separated.
  • Only children and children 3 years of age or older can use the wagon.


Most users note that the wagon is aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, safe, and can carry a lot of weight. They further note that the wagon is extremely stable, comfortable, and can allow a variety of customizations not seen in most wagons.

The frustrations registered with it include its top-shelf price and incompatibility with children’s car seats (here is a guide on how to find the best car seat).


Veer Wagon Cruiser – In-depth

veer wagon
veer wagon

The Veer Wagon combines the safety of a premium stroller with the fun of a sick wagon. They weigh 33 pounds and weigh 150 pounds when packed. Their seats are 45 inches long and can carry babies weighing up to 55 pounds.

Wagons are mobile, adaptable, and maneuverable. They combine the practicality of a stroller (here’s how to find the best baby stroller) and the functionality of a traditional wagon. Here is a summary of their features;


The wagon has two built-in seats that stay away from attachment and disconnection routines when attaching and disconnecting. These make the fixed wagon more secure as it reduces the chances of improper attachment or gradual weakening of attachment points.

The seats have 3-point safety shoe straps to hold the baby safely and firmly. The wagon has suspension and low-friction bearings for continuous absorption and soaking of the effects of motion.

The sidewall of the wagon is also provided to allow free airflow to reduce the accumulation of polluted air inside the wagon. Wagon uses robotic welding which is precise and error-free. It then tops it all with compliance with ASTM security standards as well as JPMA recognition.

The cruiser features an ergonomic and lockable height-adjustable push / pull handlebar, with a one-touch brake system. The brakes are attached to the rear big wheels to make them easier to access when needed.

Easy maneuverability

The veer wagons have a durable aluminum frame supported by all-terrain tires. The front of the tires has swivel wheel suspension and low-friction bearings, which allow them to run smoothly with minimal effort. Negotiating at a sharp angle for the Swivel and All-Terrain Cruiser makes it possible to cross the border while the suspension soaks up all the impact.

The wagon has a lockable height-adjustable handlebar with a one-touch brake system for easy operation.


Sidewalls can be constantly changed according to different moods and themes. Customization can also be explored when choosing which items to include.

Accessories to customize include:

  • A foldable rear storage basket.
  • Extended sun canopies.
  • Children’s comfortable seats.
  • Extra 6 cup holder.
  • Travel bag to check-in at the airport.
  • Sleeping arrangements.
  • The hero wagon comes in a solid black frame that is balanced by a touch of gray. However, you can customize it with different canopy colors and sidewalls.


Veer Wagon sidewalls can be customized to match 1 of 4 color options. Canopies come in a variety of colors, with some bugs and waterproof options.

The Veer Wagon is compatible with a variety of children’s car seats (see our guide to the best children’s car seats). This makes it easier to move a sleeping baby from the car to the wagon or vice versa. The wagon has an individually purchased toddler comfort seat that makes it possible to convert the wagon into a bassinet.

With a baby car seat, the wagon can easily support both a baby and a toddler.


The cruiser frame is made of airplane-grade aluminum metal that has long been known to provide power. Aluminum metal, composite suspension, all-terrain tires, and low friction material make the wagon a fairly long lifespan.

Hero wagons come in a stain-resistant fabric that is easy to wash hoses. In addition to being stain-resistant, the fabric is made from premium material that is designed to provide long-term service without the slightest wear.

Care and maintenance

The rear wheels have wheel fenders that will prevent mud or any other debris from being thrown into the wagon. Fabric hose-washable and stain-resistant.

The sidewall of the wagon is given to allow any water to drip and drain after washing. The tires are also all-terrain.


The wagon’s height handle adjusts for different heights and is lockable to reduce tripping risk. The wagon is driven by a large propeller rear tire for much-needed all-terrain utility and comfort.

The suspension absorbs the impact of push and pulls that protect passengers from constant oscillations off-road. The cruiser also has built-in wells for snacks and trinkets for each seat. The comfort can be enhanced by using the collapsible footwall available for each seat.

The wagon also has an intuitive steering system, with a front-wheel swivel and an easily accessible one-touch brake system.

The wagon (how Wonderfold differs from the hero here) can be folded with one hand by converting it into portable and self-standing using the one-handed folding / folding option.


The wagon has internal mesh pockets for toys, and snacks and can be accessed with a back storage foldable bag for everything you need.

The main feature

  • Comes with 1 snack tray, drink tray, and 2 cup holder
  • It is JPMA certified and meets all ASTM security standards.
  • Lockable, height-adjustable push / pull handlebars.
  • Internal mesh storage pocket.
  • Front swivel wheel.
  • All-terrain tires.
  • Compatible with children’s car seats.
  • 2 passenger seats are contoured and vented.
  • Single-arm folding/unfolding process.
  • It folds into a self-sustaining system.
  • Precision-engineered all-terrain suspension, frame, and tires.
  • The rear tire comes with a fender.
  • One-touch brake system.
  • Built-in footwall.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame.
  • Two 3-point safety harnesses.


  • It is versatile and sustainable.
  • The strategy is simple
  • Compatible with children’s car seats and can transform into a bassinet.
  • It allows for customization.
  • the stroller is hose washable and has stain-resistant fabric.
  • It is well ventilated.


  • It has limited storage space.
  • Most items have to be purchased separately.
  • Sufficient effort is required to fold and unfold.
  • There is a 3-point safety harness instead of 5 points.
  • It is relatively expensive.


Review of the  Cruiser Wagon

Most users notice that the low sidewall makes it easy for kids to get in and out. They are fascinated by how easy it is to clean wagon fabric, how easy it is to run, and the easy folding of a lightweight by folding.

Those who feel short-changed will remember that wagons have compromised harness points despite limited storage space and high prices.

Alternatives to Veer vs Pronto Wagon

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon

The versatile Evanflow Pivot Explorer has a telescopic handle that rotates forward / backward to act as a push/pull handlebar. It helps to reduce the weight by having two handles by making them more portable and lightweight.

The wagon is easy to carry in a compact fold using the one-touch fold/unfolding method. Despite this compact and portable size, the wagon can still handle a total weight limit of 120 pounds and that translates to about 55 pounds per seat.

Like the Veer Wagon, the Evenflow Wagon (skip the Veer and Evenflow reviews) is compatible with children’s car seats and stroller seats. This versatility allows users to use it more prolonged as it can see your kids transition from baby to toddler and even teenager.

Do not forget the guardian. On the outside, there is a cup holder made of fabric with an elastic band on top. Elastic bands allow the pouches to be stretched to accommodate both water bottles and coffee cups. For kids, it comes with a snack/drink tray.

The Pivot Xplore (a detailed even flow proceed to review the Pivot Xplo) comes with a 3-point safety harness, UPF 50+ canopy, and is powered by all-terrain tires. It has a generous storage space to pack most of the items needed for a trip to the beach or park. Each seat has a footwall and is padded enough to keep the kids comfortable.

The main selling point of the wagon lies in its versatility, spacious storage, and ease of operation. On the flip side, it’s pretty clever to fold/unfold and doesn’t handle as well as Wonderfold’s choice.


Keenz Wagon

The Keenz Wagon is the closest you can get to the Pronto Wagon. Like the Pronto, it folds easily with the attached canopy, has both push/pull handlebars, and weighs 32 pounds.

Each wagon comes in a King’s Gray cooler bag, canopy storage bag, a snap-in snack tray, and a cup holder. Melange fabric is removable and has a 5-point safety harness and a shoe storage bogie to keep the interior clean.

Kinz wagons (read more about Kinz Stroller wagons) run smoothly evenly and along uneven terrain and have minimal impact on residents. It is courtesy of all-terrain tires and wheel suspensions that absorb and destroy any impact.

The wagon easily maneuvers at solid corners, leaving passengers comfortable inside with thick pads. The wagon can be stopped using a one-step brake system and can be folded by a one-touch fold mechanism.

The main disadvantage of this wagon is the absence of a footrest and somewhat heavy folding. Unlike wagons, they include low cost, durability, versatility, and functionality.


Q: Where are the Veer and Pronto wagons made?
A: Pronto wagons are designed in Germany but made in Korea, whereas the hero is designed in the United States but made in China.

Q: Do Pronto and Vir make 4-seat wagons?
Answer: For now, no. But both can carry a weight of more than 100 pounds and so can bear the weight of more than two babies. But increasingly, their weight should be less than the maximum weight of the wagon. If you’re in a 4-seater wagon, check out the Wonderful Quad.

Q: Can Vir and Pronto be transformed into a bassinet?
Answer: No. Only the heroic wagon can transform into a bassinet.

Final Thought: Pronto is a good option

The ability of the stroller to carry almost double the weight (check out our best-handpicked hero vs Wonderfold stroller), versatility, durability, and ease of movement are among the key features that make wagons more attractive. On this front, both Vir and Pronto do quite well.

However, despite being expensive, Pronto has more features, and accessories and offers a more elastic way to customize. It has more protective features that are not present in the hero. This makes Pronto a good option for parents with older children. An undoing of this wagon is incompatibility with the child car seat. Read more

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